Welcome to Blue Sky Consulting Engineers – the planning, design and construction experts

Multidisciplinary engineering consultancy, based in Manchester

We’re a small but highly experienced team, providing expert guidance with structural and civil engineering matters, including planning applications and building regulations.

Our team came together in 2013, to create an accessible and affordable engineering consultancy, where a multi-million-pound corporation would receive the same friendly, personal service as a young couple, creating an open plan kitchen in their first home.

Blue Sky Consulting Engineers work with both public and private clients, throughout the UK.

“Just a quick note to thank you – your team performed admirably and really understood what we were trying to achieve on our listed building. You even managed to charm the next- door neighbour, who was dead against the project from the start. I look forward to the next project together”

Michael G – Home-owner
Structural alterations to a listed building.

The Blue Sky Consulting promise

To the layperson, the construction world can be a confusing place. This isn’t helped when engineering consultancies deliver their findings in over-complicated, jargon filled reports that are more baffling than enlightening.

We pledge to use plain English when we communicate our findings to clients – simplifying and highlighting key information, so that it can be easily understood and acted upon.

We’re also friendly and approachable, so if there’s something you don’t understand, just ask.

Our clients

We provide engineering consultancy to both public and private clients; including home-buyers, construction companies, government bodies, local authorities and industrial facilities.

We handle both one-off projects and forge long-term relationships with clients – providing the same high-quality service, whether you’re a first-time buyer with a cracked wall, or a global corporation, looking for a new factory build site.

Structural surveys – avoid nasty surprises

If your basic homebuyer’s survey turns up any problems, we can provide a structural survey, to find out exactly what is wrong with your property. Our engineers will examine defects like cracked and bowing walls, explaining their likely causes, how they can be fixed and what this might cost.

The results of a structural survey will allow you to make a fully informed offer on a particular property or may help you avoid making a costly and complicated mistake.

If you’re taking on a major renovation project, a structural survey will also help you budget realistically for structural work.

“When we read the RICS building survey, and found that the house was suffering from subsidence, our world came crashing down. The mortgage company were refusing to lend against the property and we thought our dream home was now out of our reach. We had no- idea who to turn to – then a colleague recommended your company. Two weeks later and we now have a firm mortgage offer on the property.”

Mr & Mrs Brown- Home-owners

Structural design – let us take the strain

Knocking down walls to create stunning, open plan spaces is exciting – but safety is a big concern. Let us, quite literally, take the strain – designing structural supports that are attractive, effective and fully compliant with UK building regulations – avoiding a raft of problems, including potential prosecution.

Property adaptations – move on, don’t move out

‘Thank you for your help turning my dingy basement in to a light airy and useable space. I don’t think it was possible, as we had been told it would be far too expensive to do. Now we have a playroom with access to the garden, and we love it.’

Mr G. Martin – Home-owner

Over time, our needs can change, turning a dream home into a logistical nightmare. We offer advice on altering the structure of a property – from adapting your home to meet developing mobility needs to the creation of much needed space, with an extension, basement creation, or loft conversion.

Civil Engineering – the structure of living

Blue Sky engineers design the environments that underpin our lives; from roads and bridges to drainage systems and power stations. We conceive, construct, maintain and manage infrastructure projects and systems in both the public and private sector.

Geotechnical Engineering – Finding a spot that’s spot on

The foolish man built his house upon the sand. We’ll give your project a solid grounding, carrying out the skilled investigative work needed to determine whether a plot of land is suitable to build on.

CDM (Construction Design and Management Regulations) guidance – no more pesky paperwork

Whether renovating your first home, or completing a professional construction project, failing to comply with UK CDM regulations can lead to all manner of problems, including potential prosecution. We’ll help you tick the right boxes to comply with UK law, taking care of everything from pesky paperwork to gathering information.

Temporary works design – holding it up won’t hold you up

We can take care of all your temporary works needs, from scaffolding design to temporary supports and false work for concrete casting.

Planning applications – simplifying a complex process

The murky world of planning permission can be a minefield. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ll lead you through the entire process; locating relevant information, completing paperwork, submitting and tracking your application.

If you’ve had an application rejected, don’t panic.  We can help you re-examine and resubmit information, giving you a much greater chance of success, the second time around.

We’re a little bit different (because you are too)

Each member of the team at Blue Sky Consulting Engineer’s has amassed years of professional experience, working for major global engineering companies. We bring in-depth, multi-industry knowledge to every project, delivering world-class service at a local level.

We also understand the unique commercial and financial pressures and timescales faced by each of our clients – that’s why we handle each new project with a tailored approach, to suit your individual needs.  One size definitely does not fit all.

If you need engineering advice that’s both comprehensive and straight-forward, get in touch with our team today, for an informal chat or a no obligation quote.

We’re based in Manchester, but offer our service throughout the UK.

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