Need some Microcopy?


If you’re creating a new app or website, consider investing in a professional (micro)copywriter.
This isn’t a very small wordsmith. It’s an experienced professional, who has crafted bite size text on many occasions, for a wide range of audiences.
Keep users on board, engaged and focused, with microcopy that’s expert, not accidental.

Hey, what is Microcopy?

Microcopy is the term used for the small pieces of text that appear on an app or website’s interface, that help users ‘do stuff’ (technical term.)

Microcopy could be a call to action:

‘Click to view’

Or an explanation

‘Move slider to show salary expectations’

Or a request

Complete profile’

Microcopy is also used to ease any doubts a user might have about the actions you request.

Phone Number: (In case we need to call you about your order.)

‘We won’t auto tweet or spam your friends.’

And can reassure and direct users when things go wrong

‘Ooops, something’s not right. Please refresh your browser and try again.’

What makes good microcopy?

Microcopy may be short, but it must be sweet, in order to make an app or website user friendly.

Every word must be carefully chosen, in order to work with, rather than against the user (good microcopy creates flow, rather than friction and gently guides, without barking orders at the user.)

Make your microcopy:

  • Short and direct (each word must serve a clear purpose)
  • Friendly and conversational (rather than rude and robotic)
  • Encouraging, prompting the user to think out loud (hmm, what does it want me to do here…I see!)
  • Unambiguous
  • Present only if needed (if your user can figure it out for themselves, let them)
  • Accessible (‘ask for pricing’ is better than ‘request a quote’)

What Microcopy doesn’t have to be


Microcopy should be clear, succinct and useful. It doesn’t have to put people to sleep.

Many brands use microcopy to inject humour and personality. Messages don’t have to be dry or standardised. There are no rules – as long as the copy is clear.