Press releases

Many clients ask me for tips on how to write a good press release. There isn’t an exact formula, but key ingredients include an exciting hook to engage interest, a solid structure, relevant content, one clear message and an appropriate tone for the intended audience (those, and a sprinkling of highly mysterious magic, I don’t give all my secrets away for free – the kids need shoes.)

A good press release doesn’t just generate interest in a single event or initiative. It will also present your business in the best possible light (whatever the circumstances.)

Acting as the bridge between a client and the relevant press outlets, I write press releases that build reputations and inspire interest, engagement and trust.

Whether you need a single killer release, in record time, or a series of regular releases as part of an on-going PR strategy, I’ll help you plan and execute perfect press releases (or as near as darn it, darn it.)


Write me a press release, pronto


Case studies

We all believe in what we do, but making our own claims about a product or service just isn’t enough. Case studies are a great way to showcase your business, providing tangible evidence that reassures potential customers you can be trusted. A well-written case study builds credibility for your brand, removing elements of doubt and risk. Case studies are great multi-taskers too, allowing you to inform, inspire and engage, with one piece of copy.

We all love a great story, and case studies should be just that – a ripping yarn that has the reader hooked from start to finish. How has your business or product made someone’s life better or changed their fortune? Tell them a Cinderella story, we all want the fairytale ending. 

Fancy a case study, but not sure what to write about? Get in touch for a chat and we can brainstorm ideas. I can conduct interviews with case study subjects, as I did here for national charity ‘Dogs for Good’ or can pull together information from different sources into one single narrative thread. 

Write me a killer case study, fast