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“Excellent work. You really nailed our brand. Just what we needed (and asked for.) Will definitely be working with you again.”

Barry Magennis, Digital Marketing Manager.

Press releases

So many clients ask for tips on how to write a good press release. There isn’t an exact formula, but key ingredients include a solid structure, relevant content, one clear message and an engaging tone (those and a sprinkling of copywriter magic, I don’t give all my secrets away for free – the dog has to eat.)

A good press release doesn’t just generate interest in a single event or initiative. It will also present your brand in the best possible light (whatever the circumstances.)Acting as the bridge between a client and the relevant press outlets, I write press releases that build reputations and inspire trust.

Whether you’re looking for a single quick, killer release in record time or a series of regular releases as part of an on-going PR strategy, I’ll help you communicate confidently and clearly with press and media.Help! I need a killer press release!


Help! I need a killer press release


Case studies

We all believe in what we do, but making our own claims about a product or service isn’t enough. Case Studies are a great way to showcase your business while providing tangible evidence for potential customers. A well-written case study builds trust and credibility for your brand, removing elements of doubt and risk. 

Case studies are great multi-taskers, allowing you to inform, inspire and engage with one piece of copy.We all love a great story and in essence, that’s all a case study is (a Cinderalla story with your business as the Fairy Godmother – with happy ever after’s all round.)

Add case studies to your marketing mix and you’ll have a unique resource that sells without appearing sales focused.Want a case study but not sure what subject to cover? Get in touch for a chat. I can also conduct interviews with case study subjects are part of my service, as I did here: Dogs for Good – Case Study)

Help! I need to communicate clearly with a case study