What does a copywriter do?

Some days, I eat a lot of toast, and stare out of the window, wondering why nobody ever pays me on time. 

Most days, I help clients like you write wording for websites, leaflets, press releases, blog posts and articles, case studies, and more. I also help brands think about how they’d like to talk about themselves, usually through the production of tone of voice or brand copy guidelines, which might include fancy stuff like mission statements, and brand values. 

In a nutshell, if you want words, I can write them for you – quickly, and rather well.

NB: Copywriting is nothing to do with copyright. That’s about who owns the legal right to artistic property – ask George Harrison.


Do I need a copywriter?

For many, using a freelance copywriter saves a huge amount of time and stress. Once we’ve discussed the brief, you can look forward to receiving a finished piece of copy that meets your objectives, by the deadline we’ve agreed. Simple.

You may have the time and inclination to write your own copy, but it’s always worth asking a professional copywriter to cast an eye over what you’re written – to check for errors and make sure the overall objectives of the piece are achieved.

If you think I might be able to help, please get in touch. If your copy is already perfectly fit for purpose, I’ll tell you. And if it isn’t, I’ll rip it a new one 🙂


You aren’t local to me; can we still work together?

Yes, of course. The majority of my clients are outside the Leeds area – in fact, many are overseas.

I communicate with my clients via email, phone, Zoom (although mildly allergic), and WhatsApp – however they prefer to be in touch.

Most freelance work is done remotely, so please don’t worry about distance.


Can you come and work on a project at my premises?

As I have primary school age children, working from home is my preferred option.

Travelling to your office during normal working hours probably won’t work for the hours I need to keep, so I normally don’t consider ‘in-house’ jobs.

I’d still like to work with you though. Please do get in touch if remote working might be option.

What will it cost?

I charge a pre-agreed, flat rate for each job. This is determined by the level of complexity, the clarity of the brief, how long the project will take and whether the work is urgent. My fee is non-negotiable, but if you have a set budget, and want to know what can be achieved within this, I’m happy to discuss. Just don’t ask for a discount. I’m not selling used cars.

My rates page has some basic guidelines about pricing, however I provide a bespoke quote for each individual job.


What’s included in your price?

  • One round of research – that’s me asking annoying questions, and you asking daft ones
  • One round of writing (first draft)
  • Up to two further round of edits, as required

An initial deadline will be set for the first draft, with further deadlines agreed for revisions, along the way (usually within a week, or sooner.) Please make sure someone is available at your end to answer questions, and provide feedback along the way. Projects can only progress if everyone is on-board. Ahoy matey!


Do I need to pay a deposit?

I ask all clients for a 50% deposit on all projects, payable before any work is started.  The remainder is payable on completion, usually within 7 days, unless we agree on something else.

For projects under £500 in value, I may ask for full payment upfront, as with LinkedIn bios (£450 upfront).

All prices are subject to the addition of VAT, at 20%.


How can I pay?

My preferred method of payment is by bank transfer.

If you’re outside the UK, there are several methods of payment that we can discuss. Some incur a fee, some don’t. Where a fee is payable, this must be covered by you, the client.


I don’t have a budget for freelance copywriting. Can you help?

I currently don’t offer pro bono work.  I do offer a 10% discount for registered charities.

My blog has lots of advice and tips on how to improve your own copywriting.

If you have a small budget, I can review existing copy and give feedback on how this could be improved. If this is the case, please do get in touch.

I also have lots of options like web copy reviews, which give you support for a fixed fee. Let’s chat about it.


What do you need from me to start working on my job?

If you decide to use me as your freelance copywriter, I’ll ask you to sign a simple copywriting agreement that states the nature of the work we’ll be doing together along with the costs we’ve agreed on and the first draft deadline we’ve set.

I’ll also ask you to fill out a copywriting brief – this contains questions about your business and the copy you’ve asked to write (identifying target audience, tone of voice, intended results etc.) I request that all clients fill out this form as thoroughly as they can, so that I can do the best possible job.

If I’m working on existing copy, I need this as an editable word document.

It’s useful if you can provide examples of previous copy and direct me to your website and to any other materials you think might be useful.


How soon can start work on my copy?

This depends on how long your job will take, and whether I’m currently working on a large project. I can usually complete small, one-off jobs with little notice. For longer jobs, a bigger notice period is helpful, but not always necessary.

Whatever your requirements, please don’t be afraid to ask.


Can I see some samples of your work?

Of course. Take a look here.

As space is limited, I’m not able to publish my entire portfolio on this site. You’re welcome to ask to see further work examples in a particular area. I’ll usually be able to find an appropriate sample.


Can you provide a writing sample for my project?

I understand that hiring a new copywriting, or working with one for the first time, requires some level of trust. This is why I make work samples available and am more than happy to have a free, informal chat about you project and what I can bring to the table.

I can produce a small paid sample for your project, if required. Please let me know what you’d like me to work on, and I’ll give come back to you with a price.

I’m unable to provide free samples or complete writing ‘tests’.


Do you do ‘white label’ jobs? (also known as ghost-writing.)

Yes, most of my clients do not wish to reveal that an independent writer has done their work, and that’s absolutely fine. My name does not appear anywhere on the finished version of your copy.

To protect the confidentiality of your copy, I’m also happy to sign non-disclosure agreement, if required.


Are you an SEO copywriter?

I do not offer SEO copywriting as a specific service, however I am familiar with the principles of SEO and use these to help me write high quality content that also ranks highly with search engines. If you have keywords that you’d like m to include, please let me know. If you need help with keyword research, this can be provided, usually by me outsourcing it to a trusted colleague. 


What if I have more questions?

Jut ask. I’m happy to answer anything that helps you better understand my service. 

Email contact@rowanmartincopywriting.com

Call 07983 688635

Or fill in this form

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