Email marketing, or E-marketing is something that most companies do in this, the digital age. But how many companies do it really well? After all, when it’s so easy to click delete without batting an eyelid, you need to do your e-thing in a way that sets you apart from the masses. 

In fact, many companies do Emarketing so supremely badly, that I’ve usually deleted at least twenty messages before I’ve finished my morning cuppa. 

To cut through the general Emarketing noise, your emails need to explode into your audience’s inboxes, with an approach that’s laser focused on easing their pain points, along with being personality packed, creative, innovative, and super useful (otherwise your emails won’t be treasured, they’ll simply be trashed).  

An Email copywriter who doesn’t waste words 

As an experienced Email copywriter, I can help with everything from a one-off emails, to email chains, all with killer subject lines, customized to wow the eyeballs of your reader, and warm them up to take action, rather than leaving you out in the cold. 

Emarketing is an area where one size definitely doesn’t fit all, so let’s make your approaches cohesive with your overall brand, and tailored to your audience – they’re discerning and they know when you’ve cobbled together a manipulative marketing message, rather than crafted copy that genuinely helps them solve problems. 


“To say Rowan has a way with words is like saying Mozart was good with music. As an email copywriter, she’ll capture the essence of your message, and the tone of voice you’re after, so your content not only sings, but dances too. The question really isn’t can you afford to hire Rowan for you Email copy. It’s can you afford not to?”

Dena Angevin, Language Creations.


Ready for some E-mazing copy?