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If your website isn’t generating enough leads, poor quality copy could be the culprit. Book a web copy consultation today and I’ll help you turn tired out text into happy copy that converts.  

“Amazing! This is what’s been holding me back for two years! I’m implementing your suggested changes, as we speak. Thank you so much. You really know your stuff.”

Becca Ahmed

What will my review contain?

1.   Choose one page of web copy for review (e.g. homepage, about us, services page)

2.   Purchase this offer and I’ll send you a simple form to fill out, answering basic questions about your website and business.

3.   Within 24 hours, you’ll receive a PDF document packed with advice and suggestions on how to significantly improve the copy on your page – all of which you can easily implement TODAY. 

Admit it, you’re a nosy so and so. You can’t wait to find out if your copy...

·       – Has the right tone of voice for your target audience.

    – Achieves what it sets out to do (Inform? Engage? Inspire?)

·         – Is too long, or too short.

·         – Covers one, clear message and has a strong CTA.

·         – Is written in plain English, and is easy to understand.

·         – Is packed with jargon or lacks personality.

·         -Contains mistakes with punctuation, grammar or spelling.

and much more… you

Do I really need a web copy review?

Is your website the lean, mean, lead generating machine of your dreams? If not, it’s worth checking whether your copy is helping you converting customers or might be turning them away. Whether you wrote the text yourself, or paid a professional to do it for you, a copy review will put your mind at rest (and will help you make quick changes, if things aren’t as they should be.) 

fall in love with our features

The freelance translator

Who struggled to translate her ideas into clear copy.
‘100% better. Now I can start moving forwards!’ 

The solar energy provider

Whose copy wasn’t so hot.
‘Great service – simple but effective.’

The engineering

Who couldn’t describe their USP.
‘An investment that will pay dividends in the future’ 

The audio product retailer

Who couldn’t hear anything above the jarring jargon on his site.
‘Why didn’t I do this years ago?’

The major UK charity

Confusing potential donors with a mixed message.
‘A great investment in our future. Can’t thank you enough.’ 

The online dating agency

Who were giving mixed signals, with confused and confusing copy.
‘You’ve really understood who we are and what we do.’