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“Rowan’s product descriptions were written in a tone of voice that matched the values of my business perfectly – and in record time. She took real pride in the work and delivered exceptional quality writing that stands out from my competitors.”

Karen Shergold, Gladys & Charles

Product Descriptions

Sell the sizzle, sell the sausage.

You don’t notice a good product description – you just click ‘buy.’


Girl’s gloves, 100% polyester, available in a range of sizes.


These girl’s winter gloves are insulated and waterproof, with velcro wrist tabs to stop them slipping off little hands. Available in bright and eye-catching pink, purple or yellow, they’ll never get lost in the snow! No need to worry about muddy puddles, these guys are machine washable at all temperatures.

Available in ages 12-18 months to 5-6 years.

The second description not only gives relevant information, it also tells a story and offers solutions to problems a customer may not even realise they have.

My kids are always losing gloves – it’s annoying and expensive – but these have a velcro wrist tab to stop them slipping off, plus they’re bright colours, so they’ll be easy to spot on the ground? SOLD (I’ll take two pairs in each shade.)

If you need to sell your items without the hard sell, get in touch for a quote. 

My product descriptions are:

• SEO optimized, as standard
• Easy to read and packed with personality
• Directly addressed to your target audience
• Designed to translate jargon and technical specifications into plain English
• Crafted to sell the benefits of the product, not the item itself (the sizzle, not the sausage)
• Written in line with your brand values and language

I can refresh or rewrite existing descriptions or work from scratch. Get in touch for a quote on any amount, of any word length (from 5 to 5000 – the more I write, the less you pay.) 



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