Words have been my preoccupation since conception (according to my mother, an unreliable source at best, my first word was a whole sentence, I learned to read at the age of 2, and could recite large passages of the much-loved classic novel, ‘Black Beauty’, from memory at the age of 3 – which went down a storm at parties).

When we work together on your copywriting project, I’ll bring this lifetime of passion and raise you over a decade of professional experience, collaborating with a diverse range of big name brands, much-loved small businesses, and popular international publications.

I also have a background in the study of storytelling, with a BA in Theatre Studies, and an MA in Writing for Theatre and Film, which makes me a fantastic storyteller – skilled in crafting a strong narrative and unique voice to set your brand apart from the crowd.

Whatever the nature of your business, it’s in my nature to get super excited about harnessing the awesome power of words to achieve your goals. 


Why copywriting?

Before striking out as a Leeds-based freelance copywriter, I worked in communications roles for several national charities.

In each job, many words were needed every day…

Words for websites, press releases, case studies, leaflets, posters, funding bids, adverts, emails, letters and more. Words to inform, explain and educate. Words to persuade, engage and inspire.

But not one of these charities hired a professional copywriter, someone dedicated to giving these words the attention they deserved.

I found this nuttier than squirrel poo.

Used wisely, words turn casual browsers into loyal customers. Words elicit trust and build reputations. Words demand attention and command action. Words are powerful and precious.

‘I have a dream…’
‘One small step for man….’
‘We shall fight them on the beaches…’

I rest my case.

In the wrong hands, however, words have a habit of misbehaving – make a simple spelling mistake, over complicate an explanation, or strike the wrong tone of voice with the wrong audience and you can quickly destroy the trust you’ve worked so hard to build.

Belligerent little buggers, those words.

In ever role I inhabited, I quickly became the ‘go to’ person for great copy (can you just write this Rowan, can you take a quick look at this Rowan, can you just proof this copy Rowan, can you just write me a 3000 word article before lunch Rowan…you get the picture).

Then one day, somebody said…

“Hey, Rowan! If you worked as a freelance copywriter, you could make shitloads of money writing cool stuff all day for loads of really interesting clients instead of getting bossed about by us lot for peanuts.”

So here we are.

Psst… Wanna get to know me better?

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