Words have been my preoccupation since I learned to read, aged three (precocious, moi?)

When we work together on your copywriting project, I’ll bring a lifetime of passion and more than a decade of professional experience collaborating with a diverse range of clients (from The NHS to The Guardian Newspaper, from Mind  to Cadburys Chocolate.)

Being a writer is my dream job, so I’ll always be excited to discover how we can harness the awesome power of words to achieve your goals. 

Think of me as the copywriting equivalent of a Labrador retriever, but instead of dead pheasants, I’ve been trained to bring you the words you need to get the results you want.

From the minute you hire me, I’m sniffing around, searching high and low for the right ones. I’m digging for them at the bottom of the garden. I’m chasing them up trees. I’m thundering through woodland, hunting them down, possessed by an instinct to seek and retrieve.

And when I find these words, I’ll drop them at your feet, tail wagging like mad. As I have bills to pay, I’ll need a little more than a pat on the head. But I’m not really in this for the money. It’s the thrill of the chase I love.


Why copywriting?

Before starting my career as a freelance copywriter in Leeds, I worked for a number of different organisations. In each one, many words were needed every day…

Words for websites, press releases, case studies, leaflets, posters, funding bids, adverts, emails, letters and more. Words to inform, explain and educate. Words to persuade, engage and inspire.

But not one of these companies used a professional copywriter, someone dedicated to giving these words the attention they deserved.

I found this nuttier than squirrel poo.

Used wisely, words turn casual browsers into loyal customers. Words elicit trust and build reputations. Words demand attention and command action. Words are powerful and precious.

‘I have a dream…’
‘One small step for man….’
‘We shall fight them on the beaches…’

I rest my case.

In the wrong hands, however, words have a habit of misbehaving – make a spelling mistake, misjudge your audience or take the wrong tone and you can destroy the trust you’ve worked so hard to build.

Slippery little suckers, those words.

In every role, I quickly became the ‘go to’ person for great copy (which felt pretty good, though it wasn’t really what I was being paid for, which is pretty bad.)

Then one day, somebody said…

“Hey, Rowan! If you worked as a freelance copywriter, you could write all day for loads of really interesting clients and get paid more than you do now.”

So here we are. I’m a freelance copywriter in Leeds, and I write all day for loads of really interesting clients.

How would you like to be one of them?

Psst… Wanna get to know me better?

Find me on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. I’m also a member of the Alliance of Commercial Writers, UK.