I’m Rowan Martin, freelance copywriter and, since lockdown 1, enthusiastic wearer of trousers with elasticated waistbands (necessity, not style, my friends).

I have a head for business, a body for custard creams, and a sarcastic sense of humour that could sink ships.

But this isn’t a Tinder profile, so let’s get down to business.

I write words for fearless, fierce, successful, creative clients in any industry – whether you’re just starting out, or turning over seven figures. In fact, I’ve been helping brands find their (one true) voices for over fifteen years, and have worked with some amazing businesses of all shapes and sizes, though I’d never be crass enough to name drop the likes of the Guardian, the Times, Boden, Cadbury’s, John Lewis (sadly they didn’t pay me in vouchers) and a whole host of little and large rebels and renegades, ready to take the world by storm with clear, direct, unapologetic copy that pops.

I possess the rare ability to write you something that’s both clear AND clever, so your reader can be informed and entertained, educated and amazed at the same time. I can also command a Zoom meeting while simultaneously removing hot chocolate powder from a six year old’s nostrils (it’s a gateway drug).

I’m based in the charming suburb of Chapel Allerton, the Notting Hill of the North, where we have a ‘munger for everything – fish, cheese, even hipsters. Location isn’t important, however, as my clients are scattered across the globe, from Pontefract to Portofino, Grimsby to Grenada, Morecambe to the Maldives. You get the picture, right?

If your copy is in need of some serious textual healing, get in touch. Be warned – if it’s offal, I won’t mince my words.

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