Hi, I’m ***, a personal-growth junkie with a mission to help you find success on your own terms. 

My fancy job description is ‘Career Transition and Clarity Coach’. This means I help high-achievers from traditional backgrounds shed the narrow version of ‘success’ rammed down their throats by others, so they can transition out of dull jobs and into meaningful work they love. 

What I don’t do: convince high-flying corporate lawyers to ditch their jobs and travel the world in camper vans, selling knitted Tofo on Etsy.

What I do: help unfulfilled professionals define what success looks like for them, based on their own values, needs, and desires – not their Mum and Dad’s.  

Why am I uniquely qualified to offer this service?

At 25, I had ticked off the whole ‘to do’ list, with a well paid job in HR, a big house, and a lovely husband. I should have been ecstatic. In reality, I was lost – job hopping every 12 months in pursuit of a salary increase, a bigger office, and a better job title – none of which made me feel fulfilled. 

It was only through volunteering mentoring that I realised it was entirely possible to be paid well for exciting, fulfilling work that aligned with my passions, values, and gifts. I didn’t have to choose between dull and stable, or creative and underpaid. 

Walking away from a steady job to start my own coaching business, Sutton Full Potential, wasn’t easy. But once I decided to invest in myself, believe in my capabilities, and take responsibility for my success, everything fell into place. 

I began to live life on my own terms; empowered, enriched, and excited to wake up every day. 

As children, many of us were sold a definition of success based on the values of others, without ever having the opportunity to define what it means to us. 

We don’t believe we can take the creative, non-traditional career path without being seen as dropouts or deadbeats. We apologise for, conceal, and deny our dreams. We take the safe road to stability. We end up feeling sad, and stuck. 

As a coach, I help my clients reclaim the power needed to live their best lives – unapologetically, and unchecked. 

With a results-driven program that helps you reach your goals at speed, I’ll help you forget what you’ve been told about yourself, make full use of your gifts, and live with purpose.

Let’s connect.

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