Helping individuals and professionals find their true voices. 

“When people feel important enough to be heard, they will present, express, and promote themselves well”.

I’m ***, a classically trained musician with a long and distinguished career as a conductor and singer – now working as a voice coach. 

I’ve led large choirs on BBC TV and radio, delivered documentaries, fundraising films, and educational resources to internationally acclaimed ensembles including London Sinfonietta and BCMG, managed innovative community arts projects, and worked as a Senior Voice Coach with the London Speech Workshop, engaging with over 140 individual clients. 

My beloved voice coaching practice, ‘***’, was developed with a desire to help professionals find and nourish their innate power to speak with poise, say what they mean, and connect with their audience and clients. 

With bespoke coaching to meet individual needs, we help our clients:

  • Speak confidently in any situation. 
  • Iron out a heavy accent, or pronounce difficult / unfamiliar words. 
  • Give eloquent and effective speeches, pitches, and presentations. 
  • Use movement and gesture to reinforce their message. 
  • Transform their podcasts and videos to engage and inspire their audiences.
  • Improve intonation, elocution, and pronunciation.
  • Tackle nerves and public speaking phobias. 

In groups or on a 1-2-1 basis, we’ve worked with everyone from executives and healthcare professionals to actors and Vloggers – anyone in a role where clear communication is paramount.With the advent of Zoom, YouTube, Podcasts, and Online Training, it’s never been more important to speak clearly, be understood and engage authentically with your audience. 

We’ll support you with developing a compelling camera or stage presence, really be heard when speaking, stand out from the competition, and clearly communicate ideas and value to your audience. 

Connect with us today, and let’s talk about how we can help you harness the awesome power of speech.

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