Hi, hello, howdy, is this thing on? 

I’m ***, Corporate and Commercial Solicitor, and Head of Crombie Wilkinson’s *** Office. 

Maybe I’ve watched too many episodes of ‘Suits’ on Netflix, but I love closing a deal – it’s the most rewarding thing about my job. Clients come to me at the very beginning of an exciting venture – buying, selling, merging, taking over – and I find a way to get them what they want; quickly, smoothly, with pragmatism, and within the letter of the law.

Having spent eight years practicing both employment and commercial property law at a London firm, the call of the wild and the birth of my first child in 2017 led me to North Yorkshire, and a role at Crombie Wilkinson. Here, my dedication and hard work guided me on a rapid trajectory that culminated in being made partner in May 2020.  

In my current role, I use my key skills, strengths and expertise to develop Crombie Wilkinson’s corporate and commercial offering. Buying and selling businesses, negotiating agreements, addressing employment-related issues, and transferring properties, this is where I bring it home (too much Suits again), this is where you want me on your side.

I’ve worked with all kinds of clients – from huge multinational corporations selling tech companies, to sole traders investing in trendy little cafes. Every deal is different, but everyone wants the same thing – to proceed quickly, amicably, and with minimal headaches for all involved. 

Clients and colleagues describe me as approachable, patient, reassuring, and unfailingly cheerful – even under intense pressure – and, of course, the best goddamn closer this town has ever seen (no, no, that’s Suits too, sorry). I listen, I ask questions, I understand and empathize with the concerns of my clients. Then I move swiftly to resolve them. I’d be deeply unhappy if I didn’t receive this kind of feedback from everyone I work with. 

The other aspect of my role involves management, mentoring, and supervision, and I now also have a brilliant team to look after. I find this element of my job supremely rewarding, not least helping my colleagues find the same passion for the job that I’m lucky enough to enjoy. 

I love my job, but I also have a life – and a lovely one, at that.  My northern relocation brought me to the beautiful Wolds, where I also work as a Mum, dog boss, audiobook aficionado, welly wearer, and gin taster. 

If you’ve got a burning deal that needs to happen yesterday, want to share mentoring and management tips in the legal field, or simply want to recommend a fine new gin, let’s connect and chat.

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