Bibevie: a company proudly built on kindness (and lunchtime naps.)

About us

I’m Rhian Thompson, the accidental but enthusiastic inventor of Bibevie.

Our integrated and interchangeable range was inspired by my very dribbly new-born daughter and time spent lamenting with other mums over ‘wonky bib syndrome’ (round the back, round the side, on the ceiling…anywhere but at the front.)

As if being a Mum isn’t tough enough…

Is my baby sleeping well?
Is she gaining weight?
Will we leave the house in under four hours again?
Has giving birth obliterated my identity forever?

We can’t answer these questions for you – but at least we fixed the bib thing. Bibevie is comfortable and cool, practical and pretty, allowing savvy mums like you to invest in beautiful, well-crafted togs that stand the test of time (and you’ll have the best dressed tot at Baby Sensory.)

Wonky bib syndrome is real – but together, we can protect more babies from its devastating effects.

Our values

Bibevie has spillages at its heart and kindness at its core.

Kindness is so rewarding, but it could be more commonplace.  We’re thoughtful about making the right choices for our customers, the environment and the people who work for us, whether directly or indirectly.

With a Bibevie purchase, you’re helping to build a better future for your babies. One where people are treated well and paid fairly. And one where we all work hard to lessen our impact on the planet.

We run a charitable donation scheme and are diligent about manufacturing our clothing ethically and responsibly. Just two reasons why a Bibevie purchase gets you a smiley face on the sticker chart.

Bibevie is a young company with big ideas, but we’ll never sacrifice our ideals, however big we become.

Every Bibevie interaction will always feel personal, because we’ve lovingly built our brand with multi-tasking Mums in mind (btw, when your baby smiles at you, it’s because you’re doing a great job.)

We welcome comments and feedback and we wouldn’t ever want you to hold back with criticisms or complaints.

Chat to us anytime (those 2am feeds can be lonely…)


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