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“Freedom of the Press, if it means anything at all, means the freedom to criticise and oppose.”

George Orwell.

ByWire: The Truth Is Coming (**/**/2019.)


Access to the truth is the lifeblood of democracy, but state-funded press and media is often more preoccupied with lining the pockets of billionaire owners than providing accurate information for the masses.


ByWire is a daily news website that’s set to revolutionise and disrupt the industry.

How does it work?

ByWire publishes its content to the blockchain, a network that cannot be controlled by any central force (no government, individual, company or political party can influence, edit or erase a single word.)

The news stories published by Bywire cannot be shut down or censored, and the origin of each is completely transparent, so fake news is always exposed and admonished or removed.

Publishing content via the blockchain also means that readers can tip content creators, using the sites cryptocurrency, Wirebits, to give something back to genuine journalists and publishers, writing unbiased and truthful news.
Who’s it for?

ByWire is for anyone and everyone. It’s free and contains no advertising whatsoever, providing a rare, un-interrupted reading experience. The site doesn’t track personal data in any capacity either, so browsing can happen in complete privacy.

If you want to read unbiased news stories, reported by people who care about an uncensored news experience, then pay ByWire a visit. You’ll receive a much more authentic version of the news than the twisted narrative presented the wealthy few, who currently control and manipulate the industry.

Why do we need ByWire?

Michael O’Sullivan, CEO of ByWire, said:

“There is an urgent need for permanent change in the way our news is reported. The team at ByWire believe that access to independent, attributable and decentralised information is a basic human right – that’s why we’ve made it our mission to broker good, honest content, while combatting corruption and conflict within the news industry

Journalists shouldn’t live in fear of controlling, violent and oppressive regimes, and readers should be free to experience information that hasn’t been manipulated by a third party.”

Join ByWire to create a more honest, connected news industry, free from the control of corporate paymasters, vested interests, corrupt governments, state-supported violence and tyranny.

I’m in. When does it arrive?

ByWire launches on **/**/2019 at https://bywire.new/

Can I get involved?

You must.

ByWire want to represent readers, publishers and creators alike, brokering content, and returning profitability to the news industry.

There are three way to get involved.

Become a reader – and enjoy the purest possible version of the news, without fear of bias, even earning income while you browse.

For a limited period, all new site users will receive XXX free wirebits (the site’s method of currency) when they sign up to use ByWire.

Become a creator – we’re on the lookout for journalists who want to contribute their coverage of the news. If readers like your content, they’ll reward you by leaving you a tip.

Become a publisher – Instead of paying Facebook or Google for audience traffic, publishers can automatically pay ByWire readers who consume their content. If these readers enjoy the content, they can tip back to its creators– a revolutionary way to ensure that everybody who is directly involved can benefit.


For further information, or to become a contributor, contact: Michael O’Sullivan, 07869 666 955 email@michaelosullivan.london




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