My new web copy reviews (and why you might need one)

The power of words

I’m a big fan of words, and live to see them working hard for a client, whether that’s via wonderful web content, a cracking case study, a perfect press release or an engaging email campaign.

Good copy is the backbone of every business. It literally speaks for you – letting potential customers know what you’re all about, when you’re not around to tell them yourself.

Whether for a social media update, the text on your homepage, a blog post or an email that’s automatically generated with a purchase, copy is absolutely everywhere. That’s no excuse for it to be sloppily done. On the contrary, every interaction with a potential or existing customer should be carefully crafted, approached with attention to detail and written with a view to building trust. It isn’t just important that you choose your words carefully – it’s vital.

Unfortunately, poor quality copy is common. As business owners juggle many plates, writing content is often a job that’s dashed off quickly to put a tick in a box, or handed to an inexperienced copywriter to be completed at a bargain price – often achieving little other than putting some words on a page.

This, my friends, has to stop!

Here’s how I can help

I believe that good copy should be accessible to everyone, not just to big businesses with big budgets (I love me some of those too, but working with smaller brands can be just as rewarding.)

The majority of small businesses rely heavily on their websites to generate new leads and to convert these visitors into paying customers. As a business owner, your website can be your biggest asset or an expensive, time-consuming waste of online real estate.

Along with a responsive, intuitive design, your site needs well-written copy, that’s:

  • Driven by a clear purpose, building momentum that carries the reader through to a strong call to action
  • Engaging and relevant to your target audience, letting them know, in simple terms, how you can solve their problem
  • 100% jargon and waffle-free
  • Proofread to perfection, with no distracting errors
  • Written with a clear voice that represents your unique brand
  • SEO optimised (without being keyword stuffed like a Christmas turkey)
  • Structured for reading online, rather than in print
  • A good balance of passion and precision – capturing the personality of your brand, without sacrificing clarity of message

Achieving all of this is a tall order, particularly if your budget doesn’t stretch to dedicated support from an experienced web copywriter.

Don’t panic.

To help the average Joes out there with their copy, I’ve developed a brand new service – offering Web Copy Reviews that allow you to garner a professional opinion on the quality of your web copy, for a very reasonable price.

Whether you’ve paid a professional copywriter to produce the wording for your website, or have penned it yourself, you may have niggling doubts as to whether it’s fit for purpose.

A Web Copy Review is a simple, fast, affordable and effective way to make sure that your copy is up to scratch.

If it’s all good, I’ll let you know.

If it needs improvement, I’ll offer simple, practical changes ,that will make a big difference to the performance of your site.

And if I think your copy needs to be completely overhauled, heavily edited or even scrapped for new, I won’t hold back.

A copy review with me is a chance to find out what might be holding your website back from achieving its potential, and to rectify these issues quickly and decisively.

With almost a decade of professional copywriting experience, and over 100 web copy clients under my belt, you can assured that my advice can be trusted to improve the performance of your site, making copy more effective, leading to more conversions, sales and money in the bank.

How does it work?

Simply choose a page for review (popular choices include Homepage, About Us page or Services page, but the choice is yours) and purchase your web copy review through this link:

Claim your web copy review NOW

Payment is fast, secure and simple, via Paypal.

You’ll soon be sent a simple form, asking basic questions about the intended audience and purpose of your web copy, along with some simple information about your business to help me carry out my review.

Within 24 hours, you’ll receive a full critique on the content of your page, sent as a PDF document, via the email address you supply.

What does it include?

Your web copy review will let you know whether the copy on your page:

  • Has an appropriate tone of voice for your target audience.
  • Achieves what it sets out to do (do you want your words to inform, engage or inspire, for example?)
  • Is too long or too short
  • Has one clear message and a strong call to action, letting the reader know where you’d like them to go next, and what you’d like them to do…
  • Is written in plain English and can be easily understood
  • Is packed with enough personality to identify what makes your business unique
  • Contains baffling jargon or unnecessary waffle that can be simplified or deleted
  • Contains spelling mistakes or errors with punctuation
  • Has a simple structure that works well for the web

And much, much more!

Not only will your review contain a commentary on the quality of your existing copy, it will also tell you how it can be improved.  It’s possible to make the suggested changes yourself, as full advice will be given. If you prefer not to, that’s fine too. I supply a no obligation quote for the work recommended, should you fancy handing it back to me to take care of!

A web copy review is a great way of arming yourself with the facts about your copy, before investing in the services of an unknown copywriter.

Grab yours today, for a special introductory rate of £49.99. From the 1st of April, the price of a review will rise to £99.99.


“Amazing! This is what’s been holding me back for two years! I’m implementing your suggested changes, as we speak. Thank you so much. You really know your stuff.”

Rebecca Ahmed




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