Great Examples of Brand Tone of Voice

As a tone of voice copywriter, I’m always on the lookout for brands who are really nailing their brand tone of voice across their marketing materials, from social media, to billboard advertising, from the back of their product packaging, to

Will Chat GPT Replace Human Copywriters?

I’m not going to lie to you, all this recent talk of Chat GPT, the latest AI software for copywriting, and content creation, has had me soiling my trousers a little bit. Coming amidst a pretty scary cost of living

How Much Does a Website Copywriter Cost?

So you’re ready to invest in the skills of a professional web copywriter, you clever, and extremely sensible business owner, you. Or perhaps you’re not quite there yet, teetering on the edge of a decision – should you put together

Why Do I Need a Web Copywriter?

Why Do I Need a Web Copywriter? My Top Five Reasons to Hire a Professional Website Copywriter, in 2023… It’s a new year, and a fresh start for many business owners looking to get ahead of the competition in 2023.

How to Improve your Website Copy – Fast!

Writing web copy that tells your story, and sells your service As a business owner, a freelancer, or someone tasked with (or should that be lumped with) the often arduous task of writing web copy, you’ve probably arrived at this

How to write a LinkedIn bio – and get it right.

Why should I be using LinkedIn? I’m a big fan of LinkedIn. The business networking social media giant has brought me a great deal of business over the last few years, not least because I have a brilliant LinkedIn bio

What are tone of voice guidelines, and why does my brand need them?

Using the right tone of voice when writing about your business, or brand, doesn’t always come naturally, and everyone who produces brand copy for you will have their own ideas about how it should sound. A tone of voice guidelines

Rowan’s Rants – How Not to Hire a Freelance Copywriter

“Send over your CV and a covering letter, explaining why you’re a good fit for this project” Eugh No I’d rather peel my eyeballs and pee on them. I see this all the time – companies looking to work with

I messed up. When freelancers get fired.

I messed up. Juggling two kids and a seven week school holiday single handedly, maybe it was inevitable. As the only bread winner / bacon bringer homer at my gaff, I couldn’t just stop working over the break. Nor could

How can I find the right freelance copywriter?

Finding a copywriter is easy. Finding the right one? Not so much. Looking for a freelance copywriter? Great decision. Choosing to work with a professional writer is a great investment in your business – providing you choose the right one.

How can I improve my website? Quick, simple changes to enhance your biggest business asset today.

As a web copywriter, I’ve reviewed hundreds of business websites over the course of almost a decade. Want to know how to improve yours? I’ll be brutally honest. You’re probably making the same small but vital errors that I see

How to find a great freelance copywriter.

Thinking of hiring a freelance copywriter? I heard on the grapevine that you might be in the market to hire a freelance copywriter. Great decision (if I do say so myself.) Working with a professional writer can do wonders for

How to write an About Me webpage that makes a connection.

About pages. Most websites have one. Why is that? Because people are fundamentally nosy buggers and we all want to glimpse behind the curtain at the great and powerful Oz? Maybe. It’s certainly true that in order to buy from

How do I become a freelance copywriter? A simple question, with a thousand possible answers.

How do I become a freelance copywriter? The question came from a woman who wanted to start a freelance copywriting business, but had no idea where to begin. She was miserable in her current career, she said, and thought copywriting

My new web copy reviews (and why you might need one)

The power of words I’m a big fan of words, and live to see them working hard for a client, whether that’s via wonderful web content, a cracking case study, a perfect press release or an engaging email campaign. Good

I HATE YOU! How to handle negative feedback from a client, when you’re a freelancer.

“Thanks for sending this through. I must admit it’s not quite what I expected and really needs reworking significantly. It’s not really aligned with our message, in terms of writing style, pace or content. Apologies, but I’m happy if you

I’m not a commitment phobic, I just don’t believe in finding a copywriting niche.

Niche to meet you   “You should find a copywriting niche.” I read that sentence every…single…day. As a nicheless (not a proper word) freelance copywriter, I’m often viewed as a Jill of all trades, master of none. A flibberty-gibbit. A

Tiny words – big choices A micropost about microcopy.

  After writing the copy for an exciting new recruitment app this week, I’ve been inspired to blog about the technique I used – a (very) little thing we call ‘microcopy.’ In tribute to microcopy, this post will be short

Should I start a business blog in 2019?

Should I start a business blog? When I began to rebuild my freelance copywriting business, after taking some time out to clean small faces and bottoms (never with the same wipe) I repeatedly asked myself the same question. ‘Should I

‘I need a copywriter’ epidemic strikes Britain. How might you be affected?

Dear Salutation (Next time, I will definitely, definitely do my research and get your actual name. I promise)               I write to you today with news of a worrying phenomenon sweeping the country (or

Look who’s talking. How a freelance copywriter can help develop your brand voice.

So you started your very own shiny new business (you lovely, crazy fool, you.) As a Leeds based freelance copywriter, I understand what it’s like to be responsible for all of the things, and to struggle with knowing what’s a

How to become a freelance copywriter (by those in the know.)

Suitable for absolute beginners or those with a little more experience (and a lot more cynicism.) Need to know how to become a freelance copywriter in 2019? I did it in 2018. Would I recommend it? Too soon to say.

Is Facebook dying?

Remember MySpace? Maybe not. Social media platforms exist in bubbles and, sooner or later, all bubbles burst. Facebook is currently the world’s biggest social media site, with over 2.23 billion users across the globe. But many believe that the platform

Why is it so hard to write about yourself? (a.k.a why you need to hire a copywriter.)

Great copy goes to the heart of a business and reflects its unique selling point. But why is it so hard to look in the mirror?   No, no, no, no, no! Don’t write your own copy. Allow me the

Is social media bad for your health?

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are just a few of the many social media platforms that can boast billions of users worldwide. We use these sites to share snippets from our daily lives with followers; some of whom we know, others

Milling it over: content mills, a freelancing conundrum

Abandon all hope ye who enter here. Should a freelance copywriter enter the murky world content mills? Content Mill – a website that ‘hires’ copywriters and other freelance ‘professionals’ to produce (cheap) work for clients. The inverted commas are present