Website copywriter for brands that want to stay true to themselves, AND stand out from the crowd

portrait photograph of rowan martin, freelance copywriter based in Leeds

I’m Rowan Martin, a freelance website copywriter, and brand copywriter, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. 

My copywriting services help brands and businesses like yours find their voices, and tell their stories – so they sound like actual people talking, not robots with sticks up their bottoms.

An experienced, and creative website copywriter

Are you passionate about packaging?

Perhaps you’re infatuated with instant noodles?

Or does balancing your client’s books give you a burning desire, deep within your loins?

I’m happy for you.

I really am.

But nobody wants to read about that in your web copy.

They want to find out what you can do for them. The fact that you love what you do is nice, but beside the point.

And while you’re here (rolls up sleeves, takes out gold hoop earrings), I might as well tell you that web copy doesn’t have to be so blimmin’ boring. I review hundreds of websites a month, and most of them have me nodding off, and dribbling into my ample cleavage, in no seconds, flat….


Sure, you want to sound professional, but that doesn’t mean your reader has to fall into a coma. Whether you’re writing copy for catalogues, or social media posts, mission statements, or email chains, and landing pages, you can get your point across, and represent your business in a respectable manner, without boring the bloomers off your audience.

Wake up!

These are tough times.

And the world needs to meet your particular brand of unique .

This is no time to be coy, shy, retiring, a wallflower, or hide your light under a bushel (what’s one of them then?).

Let’s shake up your audience (in a good way) with web copy that not only resonates, but entertains, inspires, grabs ‘em by the eyeballs, makes ‘em laugh, and – most importantly – is memorable, not instantly forgettable.

If you want stand-out-from-the-crowd, scroll stoppin’, eye-poppin’ web copy, with a distinct tone of voice that feels authentic for your business, then we need to talk.

As a seasoned, but not yet jaded website copywriter, and throughout my range of copywriting services, I can help you sound spectacular, and sell whatever in the name of god you’re selling – from software, to nipple tassels, from apples, to insurance. Be brave, business owner, and wow them with web copy (and all other types of copy for that matter) that zings, pings, rings bells, and creates merry hell.

Where do you sign?

Get in touch

Not just a website copywriter

Your needs don’t stop at website copywriting. You must craft copy across a range of media, including print and email, too. Copy that clearly articulates your offer, and captures your brand personality. But this can be an arduous, tedious, time-consuming, and often thankless task.

You may know what you want your brand voice to ‘sound like’ in your head, but struggle to get this voice down on paper in a way that feels authentic, not icky, and to write in a way that reflects your brand values, without sucking all of the personality out of the text.

Writing about yourself is a tough gig. It feels like it should be easy, because who doesn’t enjoy waxing lyrical about their business. In reality it can be frustrating, with inconsistent and lacklustre results that don’t match the effort involved, or live up to your expectations.

It doesn’t have to be this way, baffled business owner…

A brand copywriter, for those who dare to be different

A brand copywriter, sometimes known as a tone of voice copywriter, can help you stand out from the crowd, with copy that dares to be different – bashful Bertie’s need not apply.

If you’re struggling to distil the essence of your business into copy that connects with your audience on a deeper level, as well as blowing your reader’s socks off, we need to have a chat.

Brand copywriting is my thing, and I do it well, there ain’t no mistaking copy that’s had the Rowan Martin do-over. I’ve worked on brand copy with some rather notable, and utterly wonderful companies, though I’d never be so crass as to name drop the likes of the Guardian, Boden, Cadbury’s, John Lewis, and a whole host of little and large rebels, and renegades (insert your business name at the end of that list…feels good, doesn’t it?)

I possess the rare ability to channel a brand or individual’s authentic voice into a range of marketing materials with a super strong brand voice that simply can’t be ignored – a copywriting clairvoyant, if you will. Since COVID struck, I can also command a Zoom meeting while simultaneously removing hot chocolate powder from a six year old’s nostrils, but that’s another story.

I’m based in the charming suburb of Chapel Allerton, Leeds. It’s the Notting Hill of the North, darling. But location isn’t important, as I work with clients from Pontefract to Portofino, Grimsby to Grenada, Morecambe to the Maldives. You get the picture.

Ready to find your voice, and tell your story? I’ll help with everything from structured tone of voice guidelines, to web copy that sings like a nightingale, to blog posts and articles that position you as an authority within your industry, bring the right eyes to your website, and the right leads to your inbox.

Whether you know what you need, or just want to chat about options, let’s get the ball rolling, and indulge in some textual healing.

Talk to me baby

What makes Rowan stand out from other freelance copywriters is her extraordinary ability to get ‘you’.  Lot’s of people can pump out copy, but what Rowan does is remarkable.

She takes the time to get inside your head and then helps you to say what you couldn’t quite figure out how to say yourself. She writes like a better version of you – it’s still your style, your sentiment, maybe even lots of your own words, but she crafts language in a way that very few people can do.

If you want a tone of voice copywriter to get the thoughts and dreams out of your head and on to paper in a way that mirrors your personality, then she is your woman.”

Tom Johnston,
Director at KM2 Solutions, Honduras

“Well you’re a bloody legend. How did you do that? You’ve made me sound human, approachable, witty, and alive. I feel the words pop out of the page, a bit like I’m having a conversation with them. Thank you, thank you!”

Becky Follett
Beckly Follett Consulting 

“Rowan will capture the essence of your message, and the tone of voice you’re after, so your copy sings and dances, too. The question really isn’t can you afford to hire Rowan, it’s can you afford not to?”

Dena Angevin,
Language Creations

“Many writers talk the talk, but Rowan actually delivers. Clear, engaging, interesting copy that’s a pleasure to read. On top of this she’s warm, witty and by far the most delightful freelance copywriter we’ve worked with.”

Kat Quinzel, Vintage Cash Cow.

“Rowan came back to us with a series of well-researched, engaging articles that surpassed our expectations. She asked the right questions to get to grips with a very loose brief. A fast and effective service. We no longer use anyone else for copywriting work.”

Chris Jaggard, Realy, Australia.

“I worked with Rowan on copy for my website. She understood the brief and found a unique tone of voice for my business that represents our values – all in record time. Working with Rowan has taken so much pressure off. I look forward to doing it again soon.”

Karen Shergold, Gladys and Charles.

Copywriting services that get eyeballs on your brand

My copywriting services include website copywriting, brand copywriting, tone of voice copywriting, and more – so many ways to get your message across. 

Choose your weapon, and join this freelance copywriter in the battle against crappy copy, and terrible text.


Packed with personality, my blog posts and articles are also shot through with SEO keywords, without being stuffed like a Christmas turkey.  Your content strategy simply cannot survive without my input.


Emails, Email sequences, and Enewsletters to be treasured, not tossed in the trash folder. Watch your open rates rise!


Brilliant brochures, lovely leaflets, fabulous flyers, direct mail that knocks ’em dead. Print media is alive and kicking!


Naming your product or company can be as difficult as choosing the right monicker for a new baby. I’ll help you generate a memorable and impactful name, then I’ll help you clarify your offer with a tagline that pops off the page.


From your brand values and brand journey, to your mission statement or elevator pitch – leave your target audience in no doubt what you stand for.


How do you express your brand values and personality through your copy? With a set of structured tone of voice guidelines for copy style, tailored to your needs, that’s how!


Need an ‘about’ section for LinkedIn, or a bio for any other social media platform that sets you apart from the competition? I’ll pen you a bio or personal statement that sells your personal brand or business, without being ‘salesy’.


Lead with the benefits (sell the sizzle, not the sausage) and you’ll be struggling to keep up with increased demand for your range.

“Out of all the money I’ve spent developing my business, and I’ve spent a lot, working with Rowan on the tone of voice for our web copy has been the best investment.”

Declan Nicholson, Blue Sky Consulting Engineers.  

“I had a big grin on my face when I read this. You captured the tone of voice I had in my head (but couldn’t articulate) so well. I love it! Thank you.”

Rhian Thompson, Bibevie.