“Yorkshire’s Finest Copywriter…”

(thanks Mum. Call ya later, yeah?)

“Rowan really understood what I was looking for and wrote content far superior to anything I could have dreamed of producing. Out of all the money I have spent developing my business, working with Rowan has been the best investment, that will pay dividends in the future.”

Declan Nicholson – Web content client
Blue Sky Engineering Consultants




portrait photograph of rowan martin, freelance copywriter based in Leeds

Lost for words? I can help you find them.

I’m Rowan Martin, an experienced, versatile freelance copywriter in Leeds. I help clients in West Yorkshire and beyond communicate clearly and consistently with their target audiences. I write Web copy, case studies, press releases, articles, microcopy and more. There isn’t much, in the way of words, that I can’t help you with.

I’ve been working as a freelance copywriter in Leeds for almost a decade. With a BA hons degree in theatre studies and an MA in writing for performance and publication, I understand the power of story to connect with audiences on a deeper level. I’ve also worked as a feature writer for major UK publications like The Guardian Newspaper, so I know a good story when I write one.

Some copywriters have a niche, and some clients prefer this. I’ve crafted copy for a wide range of businesses, selling everything from stone-cleaning products to handmade, organic skincare. My clients are constantly surprised and very often thrilled by my ability to engage with a range of audiences, even when subject matter is complex. That’s the type of copywriter I am.

If you need some good copy from a no-nonsense copywriter in Leeds, please get in touch.

Existing copy not achieving results? Here’s how to tell if it’s fit for purpose…


Good copy doesn’t always get noticed. That’s okay, people are too busy reaching for their wallets. Like the best Uber driver, good copy takes you where you need to go, in the shortest possible time. Good copy is a loyal friend, always talking you up. Good copy isn’t just important, it’s all-important.


Bad copy gets noticed for all the wrong reasons. It uses jargon and over-complicated language to kill your message and is peppered with mistakes, damaging your credibility and destroying trust. Bad copy will take you round the houses, then ask you to pay double. Bad copy is your enemy, badmouthing you all over the internet.


“When I read Rowan’s product descriptions for our new range of stone cleaners, I wanted to buy some! She’s our copywriter of choice – worth her weight in gold.


Colin Yates, Stone-tech, Cleveland.
Product descriptions.

“Many writers talk the talk, but Rowan actually delivers. Clear, engaging, interesting copy that’s a pleasure to read. On top of this she’s warm, witty and by far the most delightful freelance copywriter we’ve worked with.”


Kat Quinzel, Vintage Cash Cow.
Blog post writing. 

“Transformed a disorganized mess of notes into a sleek, easy to navigate, invaluable document that’s a pleasure to read. 100% better.”

a portrait photograph of a woman called harriet walsh with long grey hair

Harriet Walsh, The Permaculture Association..
Diploma guidebook.

Rowan came back to us with a series of well-researched, engaging articles that surpassed our expectations. She asked the right questions to get to grips with a very loose brief. A fast and effective service. We no longer use anyone else for copywriting work.”


Chris Jaggard, Realy, Australia.
Blog post writing.

I worked with Rowan on copy for my website. She understood the brief and found a unique voice for my business that represents our values – all in record time. Working with Rowan has taken so much pressure off. I look forward to doing it again soon.”

a portrait photo of a woman called karen shergold

Karen Shergold, Gladys and Charles.
Web content writing.

Why work with me?


  • I’m recommended by large and small businesses, in Leeds and beyond.
  • I dispense with jargon and wipe-out waffle, writing copy in plain English that’s proofread, print-ready, on time and on brief.
  • My clients say I’m friendly, warm, helpful and make the copywriting process easy (that’s probably why so many of them are repeat customers.)
  • Avoid the stress and expense of hiring a permanent copywriter – I’m available as and when you need me.
  • Keep track of you spending, with a fixed price quote (no hidden extras, what you see is what you pay.)
  • I know what works, and what doesn’t, removing trial and error and providing an excellent return on your investment.



There are many ways to get your message across. Choose your weapon, and join me in the battle against bad copy.

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You have eight seconds or under to persuade a visitor to stay on your homepage. How will you use that time?

picture of lots of printing press stamps showing different letters of the alphabet


Original, engaging and effective content for your website or publication.

words / letters written on a wall advertising uk freelance copywriter proofreading and editing service


Need to know if your words are fit for purpose? I can smooth dog eared copy and refresh tired-out text.

pink magnetic letters of the alphabet stuck to a white fridge surface in a random pattern


Sell the sizzle not the sausage. SEO as standard, with my engaging, energetic product descriptions.

a photograph of a woman with long brown hair shouting angrily into a megaphone


Inform and inspire, with professionally written press releases and case studies.


Brochures, flyers, leaflets…printed copy isn’t prehistoric!


Microcopy is the term used for the small pieces of text that appear on an app or website’s interface, that help users ‘do stuff’ (technical term.)

When words fail you, I won’t.


It’s hard finding time to market your business when you’re busy running it. As a freelancer, I understand the constant need to spin plates (and the feeling that, by trying to do it all, you’re not doing any of it as well as you could.)

Outsourcing the work that you find difficult or time consuming isn’t a sign weakness – it’s a sensible investment that will pay dividends over time. When smoke starts billowing out of my car bonnet, I call a mechanic. When I have a wobbly tooth, I don’t start looking for the pliers. And I haven’t cut my own hair since I was four. Sometimes, a little expert help goes a long way.

I’m based in Leeds, but work with clients across the UK and beyond. Most freelance work is done remotely, so please don’t worry about distance.

If words fail you, I won’t. Get in touch today for a no obligation quote, informal chat or to move that niggling copywriting job from your to do list to mine.

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