“The UK’s best copywriter…”

(Thanks Mum. Call ya later, yeah?)

“Out of all the money I’ve spent developing my business, working with Rowan has been the best investment.”

Declan Nicholson, Blue Sky Consulting Engineers.
Web copy client.

“Rowan worked on my brand’s copywriting guidelines as well as our website’s copy and taglines. She understood my business, where it sits in the market and how to differentiate it from my competitors. I couldn’t be happier with the result. She really knows what she’s doing!”

Ed Heywood, Pronto Loans.
Web copy client.




portrait photograph of rowan martin, freelance copywriter based in Leeds


Bending words to my whim since 2011…
Like a girl Gandalf with grammarly.

For SEO purposes, I should start by telling you I’m Rowan Martin, the best freelance copywriter Leeds has ever seen. I should also mention that for almost a decade I’ve been collaborating with with top-name clients, explosive startups and beloved family businesess based everywhere from Pontefract to Monte Carlo (neither, actually, but – artistic license.)

That would be a double dull way to start though, so I might not bother.

Instead, I’ll start this explosive sales patter by likening finding the right copywriter for your brand to hunting down the perfect partner through a dating app (it’s a stretch, but I’ll make it stick.) 

See, when you’re lost for words and need to find your voice fast, you need a copywriter who’s looking for commitment, going halves on a mortgage and a Labrador rather than a quick game of Boggle behind the bike shed. 

Yes, your business deserves to settle down with a perfect writing partner to live happily ever after in word-weaving harmony.

But how do you know we’re right for each other?

Here’s my dating bio…

I’m a word wizard

Bad copy? None shall pass. Like Gandalf with grammarly, I’ve been bending words to my whim since I first picked up a pencil at pre-school (yes, I am precociously clever, that’s what you’re paying me for.)

Words can be slippery little suckers, but I live for the chase. Like a hound after a fox, I’ll chase them up hill and down dale until, panting, I lay the right ones in the right order at my master’s feet (that’s you in this analogy, keep up.)

Words are my playthings. It’s a love thing. I can make them do anything (sell, tell, compell – they cannot resist my spell.) 

Mum’s the word 

I’m a mother of (2) dragons. You might occasionally hear them shouting mild swears at each other in the background of our calls. There’s even been a sighting, by one client, of a very small, not very clean but very bare bum in the corner of his Skype screen

Motherhood, in all its shockingly gory glory, has made me the writer that I am today. My maternal feels make me a supportive, confidence building, empathic and endlessly patient partner and you got to knows I can multi-task for my life. 

Working with a writer who actually cares about you and your business is often a new experience for my clients, many of whom are used to the all too common but highly ineffective ‘money in exchange for words’ scenario.  If you don’t feel valued and understood, I’m reporting myself to social services (though I promise you can keep wiping your own bottom, and I’ll never tell you ‘good job.’)

I’m a serious businesswoman (I may even be wearing a suit…with shoulder pads…)

All the ‘b’s.’ The boring, businessy, blah blah blah stuff. It may not come naturally to me, and yeah, maybe my Dad helps me with my tax returns, but over the years I’ve polished and perfected my copywriting services. 

What does this mean for you? A bespoke quote and detailed written proposal for every job, with fixed rates that allow you to stick to budget. Simple terms and conditions that show us both where we stand. A structured writing process, outlining clear goals. Electronic invoices with one click payment by credit or debit card…

Working with me, you’ll never feel stressed, rushed, harassed or adrift (though you may feel light-headed and euphoric from the sheer quality of the copy.) 

I’m a quirky Sue

I’ve always been undeniably different, from the primary school report that described me  ‘highly unusual’ to my firing from McDonalds, aged 15, for being ‘a weirdo.’ My copy is deliberately different without being outlandish or inappropriate. Experimentation and risk is part of the writing process. If you’re looking for vanilla, there are plenty of good gals out there – I just ain’t one of ‘em.

I’m a Yorkshire lass

‘Ey ‘Oop. Us Yorkshirefolk don’t mince our words. We’re forthright. We’re honest. We value clear over clever. And while I wont write you copy that hollars across the dock like a Hull fishwife, I believe your audience would pick up an 800 page copy of Dickens’ ‘Bleak House’ if that’s what they wanted to read when Googling ‘Carpet Cleaning services in the North West.’

Direct. Honest. Clear. That’s the deal.  

So there it is. My dating bio. Swipe right if you want to work with a creative, capable copywriter who’s written front page features for The Guardian Newspaper and Guardian Weekend Magazine and worked with clients like Cadbury’s, the NHS (what’s left of it, Boris), Samsung, John Lewis (how very middle class of me) and Hedsor House (the luxurious wedding venue of George Clooney and the Beckhams – yeah, I can do classy.)

What’s on the menu?

After I drop my awesome small people off at school each day, I take my certifiably mad Beagador (Google it, I’ll wait) for a long(ish) walk in the woods then descend on Cafe Nero to work on your copy. Mine’s a decaf Americano. Hold the ‘de’ when I’m on a deadline. 

If you stop to admire my Beagador (go awaaaaay, I’m working), you’ll usually find me writing or editing email copy or writing blog posts, articles and features. 

I also regularly write: 

  • UX copy
  • Email copy
  • Sales copy (like landing pages)
  • Print copy (like brochures and maybe the odd flyer, though not for your gran’s church fete, she can’t afford me.)
  • Product descriptions
  • Packaging copy

I’m also epic at naming products (beetroot supplement called ‘Up! Beat!’ anyone?) but I can’t help you guess the name of the stuffed dog at your grand’s church fete, that’s in the hands of the Lord.

My finest professional moment? Naming a new app that captures birdsong and helps you identify the breed of the warbler. Wanna know what I named it? You’ll have to…

 Get in touch.


“When I read Rowan’s product descriptions for our new range of stone cleaners, I wanted to buy some myself! She’s our copywriter of choice – worth her weight in gold.


Colin Yates, Stone-tech, Cleveland.
Product descriptions.

“Many writers talk the talk, but Rowan actually delivers. Clear, engaging, interesting copy that’s a pleasure to read. On top of this she’s warm, witty and by far the most delightful freelance copywriter we’ve worked with.”


Kat Quinzel, Vintage Cash Cow.
Blog post writing. 

“Transformed a disorganized mess of notes into a sleek, easy to navigate, invaluable document that’s a pleasure to read. 100% better.”

a portrait photograph of a woman called harriet walsh with long grey hair

Harriet Walsh, The Permaculture Association..
Diploma guidebook.

“Rowan came back to us with a series of well-researched, engaging articles that surpassed our expectations. She asked the right questions to get to grips with a very loose brief. A fast and effective service. We no longer use anyone else for copywriting work.”


Chris Jaggard, Realy, Australia.
Blog post writing.

“I worked with Rowan on copy for my website. She understood the brief and found a unique voice for my business that represents our values – all in record time. Working with Rowan has taken so much pressure off. I look forward to doing it again soon.”

a portrait photo of a woman called karen shergold

Karen Shergold, Gladys and Charles.
Web content writing.


There are many ways to get your message across. Choose your weapon, and join me in the battle against bad copy.

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the st gemmas hospice logo which is a purple and green tree on a white background, for a uk charity
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